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Key Competencies Project (PASS) Partners Meeting

During the two-day Partners meeting, on October 17th and 18th , held at Newton University, project partners discussed critical project developments and engaged in productive discussions. A presentation of the interim report developments was followed by a status update on methodology and guidelines development. To assess and calibrate the proposed methodology, project partners engaged in a workshop testing selected assessment tools. The meeting led by Newton University was concluded with an update on assessors´ training and agreement on the next steps.
The next stage of the project will involve pilot testing of over 100 selected participants on their competencies such as communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and innovation.
Results will represent an important milestone in the project lifecycle and will be shared on the project website (

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In order to develop an effective method for the assessment of key competences, stakeholders are invited to take part in the project survey. The survey investigates which key competences are the most needed and will be needed in the future. Take the survey HERE!

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Desk-research conducted by VSB-TUO and other partners has culminated in the Study on Key Competences – State of the Art. The report outlines the importance of key competences, their various definitions and use in the labour market, and further identifies the most important competences in the automotive sector. The full report can be accessed via the Outputs section of this website.

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In March 2023, the partners met for the second time in person to discuss developments in the project, further plans and actions. Namely, the results of the desk research on key competences were discussed in light of the preparation of a stakeholder survey. Further, the communication strategy and upcoming workshops with experts were planned out. The event took place in Milan, hosted by SPIN 360.

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In November 2022, the participating partners met at the premises of STU in Bratislava to officially launch the project. The meeting led to the establishment of a clear agenda for future steps, a visual identity and goals for the upcoming months.